Compliance and Ethics

Employee Assessment

The Artixan 360 Asessment designs and delivers custom, interview-based 360 degree inventory for your organization. Rooted in the principles of transformational leadership, The Artixan 360 Assessment collects input from various stakeholders and provides a comprehensive view of leadership effectiveness, by assessing the following:

  • Overall leadership style
  • Communication effectiveness and style
  • Ability to craft and communicate a future state / vision
  • Conflict management
  • Coaching and development of others
  • Style under pressure or stress
  • Approachability and accessibility
  • Ability to solicit feedback, expertise and input of others

The Artixan 360 Assessment can be customized to assess specific organizational needs, and can be delivered anonymously or openly.  By partnering with reliable, vetted vendors, Artixan can also administer and debrief online 360 degree assessments for employees at all levels.