Workplace Conflict Resolution

 HR Strategy for Start Ups

Venture capitalists and private equity professionals spend millions on start-ups and expansion stage companies and expect them to grow and scale without issues. But once highly sought after talent walks through the door, the human resources options to keep employees motivated and productive are simply becoming more and more of a challenge in today’s competitive landscape.

Depending on the size and stage of the company, the options are limited. The first alternative is to hire internal human resources staff, which most of the time are under qualified due to budget and headcount constraints. Most companies that have either just raised expansion capital to scale their business or have gone through a recent transaction usually try to do the work of key HR business professionals internally via a CFO or COO.  This is when true Strategic HR business professionals are needed the most.

The other alternative is to outsource human resources – often effective at HR administration via web presence but rarely accessible face-to-face to manage critical human capital or business challenges.   As a result, great strategic HR advice is still relatively inaccessible to the organizations that need it the most.

Artixan makes it easy and affordable by providing white glove senior level HR consulting advice for executive strategy implementation and execution and to address the business processes for employees from within the organization.  We partner with leadership on embedding culture and human capital goals for a competitive advantage.