Other Services

Other Services

Mergers & Acquisitions – Due Diligence and Integration

Artixan Consulting Group has the expertise to identify and evaluate human capital risks for mergers and acquisitions and is ready to collaborate with your other deal advisors and internal HR professionals. During a due diligence review, Artixan will identify areas of concern and assess the financial impact from a workforce perspective. This information can provide a competitive advantage during negotiations.

Our consultants also build strategies for HR integration plans to implement after a deal has been completed. Artixan can help identify workforce transition issues and ways to improve operational efficiencies, design and implement plans to eliminate workforce redundancies, and draft employee FAQs and media statements.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Artixan Consulting Group can develop conflict resolution processes tailored to your industry and corporate culture. Employees often sue based on their perceptions of treatment in the workplace and because they believe that their concerns were not adequately heard or addressed by management. Artixan can help your company set up an effective internal grievance process that provides intake and assessment to discover and diffuse potentially volatile and litigious situations, enhance credibility and increase employee satisfaction.

Options include corporate ombudsman services, one-on-one intervention, complaint hotlines, formal grievance committees and peer review. These approaches provide employees a forum for raising and resolving concerns and provide companies with the following benefits:

  • Reducing the likelihood and volume of expensive and distracting litigation.
  • Diffusing escalation of employee relations issues.
  • Having a mechanism for better understanding employee concerns.
  • Settling grievances outside of public courtrooms and the media.
  • Promoting a collaborative, win-win approach.
  • Improving morale and credibility.

Artixan also assists companies that are unable to devote resources for an internal process or want independent experts to assist in resolving workplace conflict. Our trained mediators provide a private forum with a focus on understanding each party’s point of view, clarifying issues and goals, and developing and encouraging creative solutions that address both parties’ needs. Artixan’s professional facilitators can help members of a group within your organization communicate effectively with each other, build consensus, and solve problems. ¬†Our conflict resolution specialists adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior, neutrality, mutual respect and confidentiality.

HR Expert Witness Testimony

Artixan Consulting Group can provide valuable insight and strategic direction for employment-related litigation. After examining the complaint, evidence, as well as your company’s policies, procedures and subsequent action, we will provide a complete assessment. From analysis to expert testimony, Artixan consultants are credible sources who provide value inside and outside the courtroom.