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Training and Coaching


Effective training programs not only mitigate risk in the workplace but also empower employees and managers to solve many employee relations issues before they escalate into formal complaints or lawsuits.  Artixan Consulting Group’s training programs are highly interactive, combining presentations with small-group discussions and opportunities to apply techniques to real-life scenarios. Our presentations are specifically designed for today’s busy business professionals, transforming “legalese” into material that is easy to understand.

From lunch ‘n learns and quick tip conferences to hands-on, in-depth programs, Artixan Consulting Group can design and conduct training that fits your needs. Customized for your organization’s HR policies, our training is designed to increase the working knowledge and efficiency of HR personnel, managers and employees. Artixan always welcomes and incorporates participant feedback of our training materials and presentations.

Artixan can provide group or 1:1 training on:

  • Discrimination & Harassment Prevention
  • Unconscious Bias & Micro-Aggressions in the Workplace
  • Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations
  • Workplace Inclusiveness
  • Effective Performance Feedback
  • Meetings Management

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UPDATE:  Please check out Overture, our new manager communications training program.

Overture’s programs train employees, and particularly managers, to engage in conversations with a more collaborative mindset. Program participants learn straightforward techniques to foster greater transparency, understanding and trust. They will gain greater awareness of how their behavior impacts conversations, learn to recognize potential pitfalls in communication and more effectively manage and prevent workplace conflict.

For managers, this results in employees who are more motivated and committed to their jobs, their teams and their organization. For companies, this enhances and sustains a culture of teamwork, engagement and productivity.   For more information visit

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Along with our experience in intervention-based coaching, Artixan offers clients 1:1 and team coaching focused on growing leadership effectiveness.  Certified professional coaches work with leaders to strengthen their management capabilities and focus on areas that will make them most successful.  We take the time to understand both the organization’s and the individual’s goals and create a development plan for each employee, including regular one-on-one meetings and check-in points. Artixan offers flexible options for scheduling, fees and duration of coaching engagements.